DC in 24- Part II

Monday, September 26, 2011

The second half of our day in DC we spent checking out the Smithsonian museums and walking around to all of the monuments. It was an ugly day for pictures but there was a cool breeze and that we were thankful for. First up on the list is the Library of Congress. Next, the Capitol, then some statues, and of course a lovely view from the back of the Capitol of the Washington Monument. Don't worry, we walked all the way down to it (and spotted the White House too). Then behind it we found the Lincoln Memorial and the WWII, Vietnam and Korean War Memorials. They were incredible. Later that evening we went to dinner at a Lebanese restaurant where we stuffed ourselves with pita bread and then hopped on the Metro to soccer game. But let's not talk about that- we'd rather forget about it.

P.S. Thanks Cory and Quinta for hanging out with us/showing us the city!


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