Handmade Halloween Part 2

Monday, October 31, 2011

As promised, here is Will's Peter Pan costume.
His little green tunic.
No pattern required for this one. I just followed the outline of one of his normal shirts,
making it a bit wider and about 6 inches longer. Then I cut the neckline which created the
collar and cut triangles around hem and sleeves. 
Stick a feather in it, it's done.
For the hat, I measured his head, cut out 4 pieces of felt (2 for the hat and 2 for the brim).
I sewed the two main pieces together and then carefully stitched the brim to it. I flipped up
the brim and then tucked a feather in it once it was done. The elastic was an afterthought but it
was definitely necessary. I didn't measure anything, mainly because I didn't have him 
there when I was making it, so I took a wild guess and it ended up working out perfectly.
Belt + Knife + Shoes
The belt and knife were really easy to make. I just kind of came up with it as I went along.
I did however, attach it to the shirt, that way nothing could fall/get ripped off. For the
shoes I used a tutorial to help guide me along. They only took about 30 minutes to make!
Katie purchased the tights which really made everything come together.
It was a super easy costume to make, relatively cheap, and probably pretty comfortable too.


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