Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sometimes I just love the simplicity of a mini pot pie and a salad for dinner. 
I'm pretty sure I could eat this every night. But that would just be silly, right?

Rice is another thing I'm kind of obsessed with. Stephen thinks I'm a little crazy when I go on about how good it is- he just doesn't get it. You could give it to me any way and I'd love it. And then there's peanut butter. He sighs anytime I tell him I'm fine with just eating a pb&j sandwich for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Luckily I'm a sweetheart and will usually cave and make something "real," like an actual meal- his words, not mine. 

Are there things that you could eat all day, every day?
Do they drive you're loved ones crazy?  ;)


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