A few pictures from Rhode Island

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last Saturday we had some down time so we (me, my brother, his wife, my parents and my cousin) headed to Bristol, RI. While driving around, we stumbled upon this huge historic mansion and decided to take a tour.
There were some huge trees, several varieties, and they all had branches that touched the ground.
The back of the Blithewold Mansion. The lawn extended out to the ocean.
Joey, Mom & Dad at the marina in Bristol.
The roads in Bristol had red, white and blue lines. They're known for being a really patriotic town.
Battleship Cove. We toured a couple of battleships and submarines from WWII.
We all thought this was a really cool car!
Inside the submarine. Notice the bed in the top right hand corner... yeah, right above that torpedo.
So if you've never been in a submarine, it's tiny. I mean, incredibly tiny. Only one toilet, a kitchen the size of a linen closet and cots hanging from the ceiling. Yet towards the rear they had an ice cream machine. Random, right? To the right is the dental room. They had three different stations and a side room with an X-Ray machine. My sister-in-law really liked seeing all of this vintage dental equipment.
I love this framed newspaper article, it's even from a newspaper in Hawaii. To the right is a female officer's jacket. They had a big display of women's clothing and some interesting exhibits about their roles during the war.
I just couldn't help taking a picture of this. It's so incredible!
Later Saturday night we headed to Waterfire in downtown Providence. I didn't want to use a flash so these images are a little grainy due to the increased ISO. I think they turned out well considering it was 10:00pm.
They had fire dancers, gondolas and river tours. There was a street market that served fresh frozen lemonade and lots of Italian pastries. Despite the events that occurred just days before, we had a good end to a long weekend.


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