Cub Scout gift #1

Sunday, November 13, 2011

                                                 Ours: $6                                                                          Anthropologie's: $38

The first gift that we made for Cub Scouts was this Christmas "Winter Wonderland" snow globe. I got this idea the other day when Stephen and I were walking through Anthropologie. They had just put out all of their Christmas decor and I thought these were cute, clever and perfect for their achievement. If you're interested in making one, here's what you'll need:

Winter Wonderland Snow Globes
1 large mason jar with a ring and seal
1 bag of craft snow or fine white glitter
1-3 trees
Super glue (I used Gorilla Glue)
*small pinecones, optional
1. Glue tree(s) to the back of the seal. Allow to dry completely.
2. Pour craft snow or glitter into jar (you'll need about 1 cup)
3. Place seal on top and securely fasten seal.
    (if you think kids are going to take it apart, you can put a line
    of glue around the seal so it cannot be opened)
4. Turn over jar and shake snow down to bottom.


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