Tutorial: Heart Gift Bag

Monday, February 13, 2012

This morning I was running errands and suddenly remembered that I needed a bag for Stephen's Valentine's Day present. Being that it was so last minute, the only bag I could find was this really plain brown bag. So when I got home I grabbed some acrylic paint that I had laying around and whipped up this little beauty. You could do it any color you want, any size and you could even use glitter paint- I think he will thank me for not doing that though :)
What you'll need: A gift bag, some paint (it can be glittered), a paint brush, painter's tape, pencil, scissors and a piece of cardstock. To start, fold the cardstock in half, draw half of a heart on the cardstock. Cut out with scissors and open. Make sure you leave room at the top and bottom of the cardstock so that you have a full stencil.
 Tape the stencil to your bag, making sure it is flat (also you will want to gently press down the tape so it doesn't end up ripping part of your bag off when you remove it). Then press the stencil down with your free hand and paint around the edge of the heart. Once the edge is of the heart is finished, fill in the center. Carefully remove the stencil and touch up any rough edges. And voilà, you'll have a perfect heart!


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