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Monday, April 9, 2012

This weekend began with me taming my serger.
Stephen has been asking me to hem his suit pants for
months now but the serger had been going haywire on
me and I didn't trust it on an expensive pair of wool trousers.
Finally I rethreaded everything and adjusted the tension
and it worked! Pants were done 20 minutes later. 
The Easter bunny came early. My Mom & Dad sent us
a box full of See's chocolate, some cookie cutters and a
handful of baker's twine in about 10 different colors. Score!
Friday night we ate dinner early and decided that
we needed to go out for some dessert. So
Cheesecake Factory it was. Mmm... sooo good!
Saturday we had a late night jam session. For no reason.
Ok, I guess that was what I thought, but Stephen told me
it was time to teach me how to play the guitar. I can't
say it came naturally, I'm a piano player, but I gave it my best.
Too many shoes. I wish I wore them more often...
Testing out my new lens and flash. I'm kind of in love.
Spring has sprung here in Jacksonville! I absolutely
love all of the flowers blooming around our apartment.
Coconut M&M's. I bought some to make cupcakes with, but
Stephen and I decided we needed to taste test them beforehand. 
Sunday night we had dinner with the Rudders. The menu:
Honey Baked Ham, twice baked potatoes, fruit salad, spring salad,
fresh steamed green beans and rolls. For dessert we had coconut
"bird's nest" cupcakes. All in all it was a good weekend.
Today is the first day of our 'babysit the Rudder kiddos for a week.'
More on that later. 


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