A sweet visit

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It had been a while since I last saw my grandma and great aunt, so when I heard they were coming into town I was excited to meet up with them. On Monday we picked them up and took them to dinner at Cafe Rio. Then we headed to my brother's house to chat and play games. Grandma and Nan are big game players... something everyone in our family has taken a liking to. We played Ticket to Ride and munched on these "deconstructed" Almond Joy bars.
On Wednesday we drove downtown, had dinner and walked to the Provo Tabernacle (now being rebuilt into a temple). It has come such a long way since being burned nearly to the ground... I'm happy to see the progress.
For dessert we headed to The Chocolate, a charming little cafe in Orem. I split a peanut butter chocolate chip cazookie with my brother- talk about delicious! We visited while we ate our sweets and played catch-up. It was so nice to spend time with family, especially since we're usually so far away.


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