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Friday, October 7, 2011

 baking from these:
1. Taste of Home Fall Baking
Get it! I has a lot of really good recipes and tips in it.
2. Food Network Fall Magazine-
It's got a lot of really good quick meals in it as well as several little pamphlets
featuring ways to cook/prepare certain vegetables.
3. KitchenAid Best Loved Recipes-
I found this at a bargain book sale at the BYU Bookstore a year or so ago and I finally
cracked it open. Now that I have a KitchenAid, I've been trying out all sorts of things from it.

and loving these:
1. Walking day trip backpack from Modcloth via Beso
2. Modal plain tights in ochre via ASOS
3. Caslon stripe button shoulder sweater via Nordstrom
4. Heritage raincoat via Anthropologie
5. Kendzior leather oxfords via Aldo

If you've never checked out ASOS, you really should (above is their website)...
...especially if you need style advice or want to keep up with the latest trends.
+ they've got a huge variety of clothes, jewelry and accessories.


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