I'm 24

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's hard to believe that today I'm 24. Sometimes I feel like I'm still 19. Where have the years gone?
The other night at work someone asked me if I was old enough to serve alcohol. "I'm 23," I said. They were completely shocked. I'm not going to lie, that made me pretty happy. Anyway, today I'm being lazy. This afternoon I'm going to get my hair cut, watch TV, and wait for Stephen to come home. Tonight we'll go to Tucanos where I will most definitely stuff my face full of delicious Brazilian meats. It's kind of a tradition of ours. Then tomorrow I will continue on my merry way soaking up whatever 24 has to offer me. Hopefully good things... lots of them. I'm kind of excited to see what adventures I'll have, what fun things I'll do, just how much life will change. It seems like every year has been full of so many new experiences and challenges, I guess it's time for a few more :)


  1. Happy birthday! Hope 24 brings you lots of fun, adventures and good times with family and friends =)

  2. Happy Birthday! I just had an "I feel old" moment and then I remember I'm not 30 yet and got over it. Haha. I hope your have a wonderful day!!

  3. I hope you had a fabulous day and a fantastic dinner with Stephen!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a GREAT day!


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